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What happens when you move beyond routing oversize and overweight dimensions? You get into superload territory. Superloads are typically large items that cannot be divided into smaller individual loads. Common superloads include large power-plant transformers, industrial-scale HVAC equipment, large construction and mining equipment, power generators, wind turbines or other large pieces of equipment.

Because of their large size, superloads often require careful route planning, bridge and tunnel surveys, pilot car services and extensive permitting. Lucky for you, we’ve been doing this for years.

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What Is a Superload?

There’s no nationally accepted standard for what constitutes a superload. Instead, it’s simply a term that’s often used by state and provincial permitting offices for any load that exceeds the dimensions or weight covered by their oversized or overweight permitting programs.

As a very general guideline, an oversized or overweight load can become a superload when:

  • Its weight exceeds 200,000 lbs
  • Its width exceeds 16’
  • Its height exceeds 16’

Our team of experienced superload planners and permit brokers can help you determine if your load is in fact a superload.

Superload Requirements

There’s more to getting a superload permit than just filling out a form. Often, superload permits can require:

  • Bridge capacity surveys
  • Route height capacity surveys
  • Multiple escorts and pilot cars
  • Load flagging requirements

Working With The Permit Company

At The Permit Company, our team of permit specialists takes the hassle out of planning for and obtaining superload permits. We work directly with state and local permitting agencies on your behalf to obtain the necessary permits. Our experience in obtaining superload permits across the United States and all Canadian provinces & territories gives us the know-how to quickly and efficiently get superload trucking permits.

Our experience and efficiency also means that we can keep our service fees low, giving you peace of mind along with impressive cost savings.

Get in touch with us today to find out how easy and affordable we can make the permitting process for all your loads.

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