Trucking Permits

oversize and overweight permits

Oversize & Overweight Permits

Big loads can require complex trucking permits. We’ll take care of the planning and DOT truck permits to make your overweight, wide load or oversize load a success.

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superload trucking permits

Superload Permits

Going beyond oversize? Not a problem. Our expert team will handle everything from bridge surveys to route planning, permits and more.

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Semi trucks on the highway

Temporary Trip Permits

Need a temporary trip permit or registration tag online? Our experienced permit team can get you a temporary IRP trip permit in all 50 states and Canada, often in less an hour.

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fuel permits

Fuel Permits

Running a non-IFTA vehicle that needs a fuel permit? We can typically get you a fuel permit anywhere in the United States and Canada within hours.

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The Permit Company - Oversize load permits

Custom Permitting & Logistics

Some nonstandard shipments don’t fit into a single category. We love complex challenges. If you have a more complicated permitting need, we’d love to hear from you.

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Easier, Faster & More Affordable Trucking Permit Services

Save Time

We have tons of permit knowledge. We know how to get your trucking permit quickly and easily. For many permits, turnaround time is only minutes.

Save Money

From our intelligent, cost-saving route creation to our low, affordable fees, your bottom line will thank you every time you work with us.

Improve Efficiency

We do more than just pull permits; we’ll use our expertise to help you plan the route that maximizes your drivers and efficiency, while minimizing costs.

Worry Less

Every shipment is an exercise in complicated logistics, and the stakes are even higher when you’re dealing with nonstandard loads. You can trust our expertise to get it right.

All 50 States & Canada

Every state and province has unique requirements and regulations. Our advisors are experts at permitting in all of North America. Whether you’re crossing one state or an entire continent, we can help.

Over 50 Years

We’ve been in the business for a long time. This means our staff is well equipped and well trained to take on whatever needs you have when looking for the right permit.

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