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Letter of Recommendation

February, 2014

The Permit Company,

On behalf of the entire Transportation Team we wanted to say thank you for helping us deliver the AEHF Payload from Redondo Beach to Sunnyvale last week. Your team jumped into action at the first call and didn’t let up until we had safely delivered to destination. You have been there with us on previous deliveries and this trip was no exception. From permit issuance to wire lifters to route narrative throughout the entire journey your execution was spot on.

Your entire route narrative was so good that the CHP simply stopped reading the print outs we had given them. The whole convoy would move in the direction you had called out. Nicely done.

Thanks so much for the above and beyond work you did with regard to permits. You are awesome.

Your route, along with detailed pictures, were outstanding.

You have a fantastic team here, and it was really nice to see you again as well. Continued success.

Casey Callender

Transportation Planner, Logistics
Northrop Grumman Corporation



Antenna Tracking System

Lockheed Martin

15’1”H x 11’4”W x 70’L

80,000 lbs

Lockheed Martin calls The Permit Company when they want to move a load without the help of an outside transporter.  This $27 million dollar cargo was moved from Sunnyvale, California to Cape Canaveral, Florida.  A full route survey was conducted with one of our company owned and operated pilotcars equipped with an electronic high pole.  The move required sixteen permits and two escorts. All work was done in house without the aid of independent contractors.




Air Force One

Operation Homeward Bound

The wings measured 92’ long and 35’ wide were moved by stretch flatbed trailers. The 153’ long fuselage was towed on a specialty axle in the front and customized dollies in the rear. The tractor had 20,000 pounds of counterweight. The dollies and front axle had hydraulic rams built on to raise and lower the fuselage.

Permitted and escorted by THE PERMIT COMPANY.

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